Making Garbage Disposal User Friendly, Aesthetic, and environmentally compatible & sustainable

How can we make it easier and encourage civic responsibility in keeping our environment garbage free? (Maybe this could be linked to zero-waste projects/education, as well?) What became more apparent during Covid-19 with reductions in park personnel and more use of outdoor space was that the current system of providing and encouraging garbage disposal within our parks and on 8th avenue was not working. You’d often see garbage pilled up beside receptacles in the park because they were insufficient to hold the quantity of garbage generated. On 8th Avenue there are almost no receptacles. In order to maintain the beauty of Prospect Park while creating sufficient receptacles, a new design and their strategic placement are needed as well as a messaging campaign to help users feel proud that they are part of an important clean up campaign. 8th Avenue may just need more receptacle placement – with consideration for recyclables which are often collected by people in order to make some money. Containers w/pictures, like ones used by many apartment buildings, might make it easier for depositors to distinguish what goes where and why. This idea could use the input of a designer and environmentalist, before we can attach specific costs to it. I am neither. Thanks!

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