Rodent Control/New Trash Cans for Prospect Park

Prospect Park has removed trash cans in recent years because the Park has been underfunded and doesn’t have enough $ to hire staff to pick up trash from numerous locations. The Park also can’t afford new, proper trash cans. Some of the cans are rotted throughout, even at the bottom. The rat and raccoon population is thriving in the park because there’s so much exposed trash. Exposed trash also attracts flies and other insects which can carry disease and create an inhospitable environment for park visitors.
At the height of the pandemic, when everything except the parks were closed, Prospect Park was a lifeline to Brooklynites. And the park continues to be one of our most precious resources. Shockingly, in the midst of the pandemic, in apparent disregard for this sacred urban oasis the City cut 14%. from the already inadequate Parks Dept budget, insuring that efforts to upgrade trash receptacles will not be feasible in the near future.
Some perspective:  “NYC Parks controls 14% of city land, and yet year after year it has received around 0.5% of the City budget. Meanwhile, the next five largest cities in the country all spend at least twice as much of the city budget on their parks system, with Los Angeles spending 2%, and Chicago 4%.” Source:
Proper sanitation isn’t a luxury, it’s a central necessity!
I am proposing that money be provided for new trash cans for Prospect Park.

One response to “Rodent Control/New Trash Cans for Prospect Park”

  1. Part of the problem with the budget cuts is not enough trash cans. But mostly it is a problem of not enough labor to empty those trash cans. How about we look into those solar powered trash-compactor trash cans that are a) inaccessible to rodents and b) do not require being emptied as often. I think they send a signal when full, so you only empty them when they are full.


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