Widen the Bike Path on the Fort Hamilton Overpass from Prospect Park

The current bike pass on the Fort Hamilton Overpass from Prospect Park at Machate Circle to PS130’s Lower School is one way from Prospect Park to PS 130, but bicyclists use it to go both directions, sometimes unsafely. There is clearly enough room on the car side of the overpass to expand the width of the bike path, possibly by six or more feet along the entire overpass. This would allow two bike lanes, one in each direction. A two-way bike path would add to the safety and usability of this dedicated bike path from the Kensington and Windsor Terrace neighborhoods to Prospect Park and also allow more bicyclists to use the dedicated path and stay off nearby unsafe streets with high truck traffic such as Caton Avenue. This bike path is also heavily used by cyclists riding through Prospect Park to the Ocean Parkway bike path and on to Coney Island.

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