Prospect Park Kane’s

The lanes in Prospect Park need to be redone. It is extremely difficult for pedestrians (and more so, runners) to navigate the”pedestrian lane” which is not policed. Right now Police and Parks cars, bike riders, skateboarders , scooters, dog walkers with 12 ft. leashes, , women with carriages 5 across etc. all think they can do whatever they want in that lane. And the Parks Dept. rules (with no regard for Pedestrian safety) say that’s where runners have to run. On top of that, because the City Council has okayed electric bikes and scooters there are vehicles, including one wheel electric ones, going 20 miles an hour in the park. Why were cars banned if these vehicles can go just as fast? All electric vehicles should be banned from the park.

There also needs to be a Public Service campaign telling people the bike , motor bike and scooter rules. They do not belong on the sidewalk and they must follow all traffic vehicle laws. Including not going through lights None of them follow the rules. As such, this city has now become extremely pedestrian unfriendly. And dangerous. Everything is now about alternate types of transportation when the most ergonomic form is walking. It is impossible to walk on the a city’s sidewalk because of the bikes, scooters and motorbikes on the sidewalk. Right now DOT only sends the bike ruled to people who ask for it. What if we did that for car drivers? It’d ridiculous.

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