Participatory Budgeting
Brooklyn District 39
Cycle 11 – Project Winners

May 16, 2022: Thank you to all who voted in Cycle 11 for District 39 . The results are in and here are the winning projects. More information about these projects can be found at

Winning Capital ProjectsTotal Votes
1. Modernize Bathrooms at PS1541428
2. Restore the Esdale Bridge and Prospect Park1107
3. “Big Yard” Upgrades at PS 1071009
Winning Expense ProjectsTotal Votes
1. Youth Organizing for Menstrual Equity. Period.817
2. Art Spaces in Vacant Places803
3. Nature Walks for Neighbors with Dementia745

Cycle 12 begins in the early fall 2022!

Participatory Budgeting is your chance to decide how to spend $1,500,000 on community projects in Brooklyn’s Council District 39.