Public benches

For those of us living in small apartments without any private outdoor space, it would be wonderful to have more public benches throughout the neighborhood to use to meet friends and family safely outside and for breaks during the day to get some fresh air. It would also be great for kids who are online to meet eachother outside during school lunch breaks, afterschool and on the weekends. We need these kinds of benches on avenues, like 6th avenue, that are a bit far from the park and where there are no other public spaces to meet people. It is great that there are restaurants with outdoor spaces but for those of us who cannot afford to eat out at restaurants, and for kids, it would be great to have another option to get some fresh air and to socialize with friends, family and our community. This is important now during the pandemic but will also be wonderful in the future. I think about my 11 year old son who started a new middle school online, wants to be more independent but is a bit nervous to go to Prospect Park by himself, and lives in a small apartment without outdoor space and he cannot invite friends over. I think there would need to be a participatory process to decide where the benches could go.

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